Crazy Dad is Also Son?

So this is something that happened to me in my first office job…as a debt collector. The company I worked for also excepted inbound calls so people could pay off their debts (obviously). I had just finished training to be able to do in and outbound calls by myself and this was one of my first inbounds alone:

CD- Crazy Dad M- Me

CD: calls in

M- standard intro

CD- Hi I’m x’s dad and I’m calling in to pay off his debt

M- Okay, let me see if we have a page for x

Upon looking up the page, x is an adult and CD is not listed as ok to talk to, which because of laws and regulations we have to have regardless of relationship to the client

M- So I can’t confirm or deny that we have an account open for x so unfortunately if x believes he has an account with us, x will need to call in.

CD GOES CRAZY. He starts saying that X is “only a kid” (x again was not a minor and I was 18 and living on my own at the time so I had little sympathy) so I reiterated myself and then:

CD- okay let me get x yells x’s name

CD- * in slightly lower but still very obviously his voice* Hey this is x

M- Sir, I’m sorry but I need to actually speak with x if x believes he has an account with us

CD- I AM x, what do you need?

M- Sir I’m sorry, I cannot confirm or deny the account. If x believes he has an account he will have to call and if he would like you to speak on his behalf we need x to verify his identity and approve that we may talk to you

CD- huffs and breaks back into his normal voice I need to speak to a supervisor

So I tell him to hold and let my supervisor know that this guy is pretending to be his son who’s account he called in for. She says she’ll talk to him. Likely enough he goes back to his “son’s” voice and my supervisor calls bs and asks for x’s SSN, CD doesn’t know it and actually whispers and asks his son (who was right next to him I guess) and my supervisor says she needs to talk to x, CD freaks out again and my supervisor ended the call.

2 weeks later I quit after someone planted a fake bomb on the premises and we had to evacuate, SWAT came and I kept having panic attacks at work, but from my short spurt as a debt collector that will always stick with me as the most odd convo I had with someone there.

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