Abusive “Ivy league” customers account gets closed.

Okay, so I work at a bank. I work with our wealthier than average customers. For these customers, we have a rewards program with three tiers.
To keep where I work private, I won’t give all details. I’ll just say Tier 1, Tier 2 Tier 3.

Tier 1 has the least money, Tier 3 the most.
Sometimes I hate this program because they think they are God. Tier 1 isn’t truly even that much money.

Anyways I get this jerk of a guy, funny part is, we had just been talking about him because someone else got him that morning.


Me “Okay, I’m more than happy to help. What’s happening?”

Then jerk starts going off saying that we stole his money and won’t listen to anything anyone has told him this morning. He’s already talked to three associates and two managers.
He over drafted his checking account, because most of his money is in savings, and he forgot to move his money over. So savings is linked and it’s “holding” the money on a reserve to cover the over drafted item.
However, he corrected the balance manually by doing a transfer. When you do that, the money being held for overdraft goes back in the savings, it just has to go through processing to do that. But you can literally see it in your account still it’s just saying “holding for overdraft protection.”
He wouldn’t even tell me what his problem was I figured it out from other people’s notes.
He just keeps rambling numbers at me asking me to add things and take things away.
Then was saying “YOU SEE! It just doesn’t make sense!” Finally I say to him “Mr. Jerk, I honestly can’t follow along with what you’re doing. You’re giving me numbers too fast, and things on your account don’t always post in the order you do them. It depends on how long the merchant takes to collect funds. So your balance will never match my screen transaction by transaction.”
Jerk “Oh of course you can’t keep up. You’re dumb! You can’t even do simple math! Do you know I went to Princeton?!?”
Then he tries to insult me more to which I say
“Mr. Jerk, I’m treating you with respect, I’d appreciate if you would do the same.”
Jerk: “Me?!? A Princeton graduate treat YOU?!? YOU WITH RESPECT?!”
Me “Yes, I’d hope you would treat anyone who is being courteous to you respectfully.”
He then is babbling something and being more disrespectful. At this point I’m getting a manager because I’m done. He starts screaming
“Hello?!? HELLOOOOOO?!? What are you doing?!?” Me “Please hold on a moment.”
Jerk “NO! I don’t want a manager! What are you doing?!?”
silence Jerk “I SAID I DON’T WANT A MANAGER!!!”
I’m assuming at this point he knew managers will hang up on him if he acts like that.
My manager friend takes the call. He does the same things to her, yells over her, tells her he went to “Duke” and earlier he told someone else it was Harvard 😂
She said she kinda busted his balls a bit and he got upset with her being condescending and overly empathetic.
Ultimately she helped him out, he finally understood. But at the end of it, she escalated it, and we closed his accounts with us, sent him a check that takes 10 business days.
He’ll lose the promo to make free investment trades with our partner he’s with.
Best of it all, he won’t know till
1) He tries to use his debit card or write a check and it won’t go through. 2) He gets a letter stating “We made a business decision to end our relationship with you.”
God I wish I could witness him finding it out. 😂

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