Are you a gay man?

I recently got back into the call center life after about a year away. I’m not going to describe in too much detail what we do, needless to say I’m helping people make reservations. It’s very, very easy – one of the easiest CC jobs I’ve had.

A tiny bit of context – I’m a large man with a deep voice.

This week I spent a few minutes getting a booking done for a senior citizen, a man in his early 60’s, located in rural Canada. At the end of the call he hits me with this clanger.

Man: Thank you, and before I hang up, may I ask sir, are you a gay man?

Me: Uhh (regains composure after a few seconds) considering I am married to a woman, no sir I am not.

Man: Oh right, I just can’t understand why a man would do such a job. Ok bye. (hang up)


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