“You should probably be calling the police, not us”

Hi all!

Today we have a quick little story about a person who was directed to us for help incorrectly. I never found out what happened, but I still feel bad about it.

Part of what my company does is support a website that allows certain locations to file service work on fleet vehicles for reimbursement. We only support the site and the people who use it to file, we have nothing to do with the drivers because they’re taken care of by whomever they’re driving for. Usually.

Last year a large “taxi” service came onto the program and all of their drivers were incorrectly referred to us for support. They all had OnStar in their cars, but if they needed roadside assistance, they’d call us thinking we could get them a tow truck, or they’d demand we set up a maintenance appt for them. Their company was such a mess that they were taken off in about six months, and a bunch of locations still never got properly paid for the work they did, but that’s another story. I always felt bad for the drivers because most were just confused, and we really couldn’t help them.

Me = Me. Caller = The driver of the car.

Me: “Customer Support, this is weneedthebitter.”

Caller: “Hi, I’m a driver for taxi service and I’m having problems and need some help.”

Me: (preparing for the spiel that I’d have to give to them) Sure, what can I help you with?”

Caller: “Well, I woke up today, and my car’s not outside. It’s missing.”

Me: “Your car that you drive for taxi service is gone? Was it there last night?”

Caller: “Yes it was! You need to get me a new car, I need to work today!”

Me: “Well, we unfortunately don’t assist with the drivers for your company, we help the locations that do maintenance on your car. I apologize for the confusion.”

Caller: “So you can’t get me another car?”

Me: “No, we cannot.”

Caller: “So, who do I call to fix this then?”

Me: “You should probably be calling the police, if the car was stolen, not us. And you should probably call taxi company and make them aware of what happened.”

Caller: “Okay thank you, I’ll call them.” (Hangs up)

I still don’t know how they stayed so calm, and we never found out what happened. Some drivers had their cars get repo’d if they stopped driving for the company and didn’t turn them in, or if they weren’t following the guidelines and the company decided to remove them from the programs. We never learned if this was one of those cases or if it was truly stolen, but that was an unexpected call, to say the least.

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