My order was messed up so break the rules for me

Okay so sorry for the format I’m on mobile this is kinda venting/rant/story

Okay so I work as a bill agent for a isp that sells cable and phone company that used to be called the devil, and I’ll be the first to admit when it’s our fault it’s probably our fault however doesn’t give you the right to be a dick

Me will be yours truest Ah will be ass hat

M:Thank you for calling the company this is jethawk speak may I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking with

AH: Hey this is asshat your techs are incompatent they only brought me 1 box when I asked for 3

M: oh I am so sorry to hear that asshat I can put in to have them come back and finish that job

AH:No they already put something in for the earliest time available

M: oh ok so is there anything else I can help you with

AH: yeah I don’t like that time give me some something earlier

M: I apologize you already have the earliest time available

AH: well maybe I should just disconnect proceeds to give me the I’m a loyal customer of 25 years

M: I am truly sorry you got the earlier time we have

AH: Cancel some else’s appointment

M:Taken aback No we aren’t going to do that you have the earliest time available and we can’t get that any earlier I apologize but this is the date your set for

AH: why should I be punished for the techs mistake

M:you aren’t being punished sir I’m sorry If you feel that way but we aren’t rescheduling you Over another customer

AH: fine send someone to pick this shit up I don’t want your damn service

M: I’d be more than happy to get you over with-


Jokes on him i can’t schedule a disconnection GG Asshat

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