You OWE ME MONEY! (profanity)

In my youth, I worked in a call centre for the state power company. My job was to field escalated calls from people who wanted to let us know their super-ultra-special reason why they personally did not have to/want to/have money to pay their power bill.

So obnoxious arsehole (OA) is transferred to me after making the front line person cry. I greet him and have his account in front of me – it’s $2k in arrears and the power was shut off ~3 months ago.

OA: You c**nts owe me $47,000!

Me: Sir, please don’t use profanity, I will work with you to resolve your situation. Can you please tell me what’s wrong?

OA: You fuckers shut off my power and now my place is ruined!

Me: Sir, as you are aware (no one ever is), the Electricity Act allows retailers to disconnect power for non-payment of bills after sufficient notice is give.

OA: I never got any fucking notice!

Me: The address on record for the property is XYZ. is that correct?

OA: That’s the property but I live at ABC.

Me: Ah, so this is a second property? Checking the records from when the account was implemented, the only address we ever had on record is XYZ and this account is not linked to your primary account.

OA: This account is in my name, the other one is for (Note, that’s a pretty common tax dodge here)

Me: We sent letters on and and to XYZ address.

OA; Yeah, I saw them when I opened the mailbox. (I note on file that customer acknowledged receipt of letters).

Me: Under the Electricity Act, those letters constitute sufficient notice and the power was disconnected on for non-payment.

OA: You fuckers shut off my fucking power!

Me: I have to warn you sir that further profanity will result in this call being disconnected.

OA: My fucking freezer had shrimp in it you stupid c**t. Now the entire fucking place stinks. You owe me for the shrimp, a new freezer and carpet.

Me (after letting him finish: I’m sorry sir but your repeated use of profanity is not acceptable and I am terminating this call.

He called back several times that day and over the next week. Eventually the company waived the outstanding power bill but no other compensation.

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