Why I hate the other departments more than customers

Let’s be real for a sec. While customers can be really annoying, most of the calls are pretty mundane. What annoys me more than rude customers are the idiots that represent the same company I do.

My primary role in my department is transferring phone numbers from one account to another. Secondary role is picking up the slack for customer care. The latter involves anything ranging from billing to kissing the ass of the most self entitled POS hoping I don’t get a bad survey. Normally care calls are the usual fair of plan changes and why is my bill blah blah blah.

I’ve grown accustomed to these calls, but what infuriates me is when I’m just blindly tossed into a clusterfuck caused by another agent. It’s one thing to have a customer call in and handling them, it’s another when some donkey dumped them off. Usually our caller ID shows the national customer service 800 number so I typically know off hand that a customer is being transferred. Some cases, it looks like a legit customer number and those F me over so many times like today.

It’s after lunch break and I get the news from our operations manager that my request for part-time have been approved – sweet! One extra day off is well worth the loss of $100 each week to maintain my mental sanity. So I was in a relatively good mood until I got a cold transfer from some bastard in sales. Issue? We’re doing a BOGO deal right now for iPhones and the customer doesn’t want to add a new line.

Per promo details, BOGO = upgrade existing line and get up to X off on the “get” phone on a new/ported-in line. NOT UPGRADE TWO EXISTING LINES! Any noob fresh out of training knows that. Instead of conferencing the call to ask me if anything can be done, I have a customer dumped on me. Like I mentioned earlier, primary role is transfers. I hate care calls for shit like this.

Anyone working in a CC knows how much AHT factors into literally everything. Even if that metric isn’t counting against you, the higher your AHT, the less calls you take, the more you struggle balancing other stats. How long does a transfer of service take? About 10 minutes as long as the customer doesn’t ask a million questions and if the system isn’t crapping itself. The call the sales donkey caused? OVER AN HOUR.

To add salt to the wounds, the customer was one of those types that try to apply the pressure threatening to switch providers. If you want poor cell service to get a freebie, by all means switch. No new line, no BOGO deal – simple. I’m sorry supervisors don’t have a magic button to just overturn a corporate policy. To put things into perspective of how dumb this whole ordeal was – The non BOGO iPhone promo was only $100 off WITH trade-in of an iPhone 5S or newer – customer had a a flip phone not even worth a dollar. My boss’ boss gave me approval to waive $60 worth of activation fees and manually discount $250 off any phone of the customer’s choice. That’s $150 more than the actual promo. This also would have saved the customer $480 over 24 months the BOGO deal would have caused because of the new line requirement. We’re talking an overall savings of $790! An hour on the phone with this guy and going back and forth to our OM only to end up having the guy be indecisive and not take the offer.

My AHT was trashed, huge risk of failed survey, less calls to balance anything that matters like disconnects and for what? Some dipshit in sales to take the easy way out? Fuck that guy and fuck every donkey that is too lazy to do their job. You’re the reason why customers distrust agents for these tales to exist.

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