A colorful explosion

I used to work tech support for appliances (kitchen and laundry). We would try to solve their problem over the phone, and if we couldn’t, we’d schedule a technician.

One of the best calls I ever got was while I was still in training. It was me, and Crazy Lady (CL)

CL: I need a technician to come and give me a new microwave.

Me: Okay, well what seems to be the problem?

CL: It doesn’t matter, I can’t use it, just send someone out!

Me: Well, I have to tell the technician what to expect, so what happened?

CL: I was trying to paint my nails, and I couldn’t open the bottle, so I heated it up in the microwave and it exploded.

Me: You cooked nail polish in your microwave?

CL: Yes, and now I can’t use it, so you need to replace it. I’m still within the one year warranty, so it’s covered.

This ended up with a huge argument about what was and wasn’t covered. I ended up having to send a technician anyway, to prove that it wasn’t covered. I felt so bad for that tech, but hopefully they got all my notes and knew what they were walking into!

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