When A Customer Wants Declined Payments Refunding

Just for some info. my manager was sat next to me whilst I took this call. I would say that I was surprised but I have been working in call centres for far too long. On phone so sorry for any formatting errors. I will be ME and customer will be CL for Crazy Lady.


ME: Hello and welcome to [Bank]. You’re speaking to Peace. How can I help.

CL: I wanna know when you’re going to refund me my money! I didn’t even buy anything!

Ugh, I pray for the day customers stop opening with such vehement rhetoric. Calm your precious little socks.

Security is completed. I put the customer on hold for ~2mins before going back.

ME: Okay, CL I can see 5 transactions that were declined due to merchant error. The 6th one went through it. If you’re disputing that payment because nothing was purchased you would need to raise this with the merchant. It was their error. Their number is 1234 555 6789. Alternatively you could just visit their store.

CL: Yeah, I know the payments were rejected! So when you going to refund them?! Huh?!

What? I thought maybe I misheard.

ME: I’m sorry Crazy Lady but the payments were declined. As in they were rejected. There’s no way to refund them. They didn’t leave your account. Only one payment did and as I’ve explained you would need to speak to the merchant.

CL: Stop telling me they were declined! I already know that! I just want my money back. Let me speak to your manager!!

What. The. Actual. Fuck?! My face hit the desk so hard I still have a mark. Fortunately, my manager calmed me down. He was completely mind fucked too. It took another 5mins for my manager to tell this person that we could not refund declined payments because y’know a) it’s impossible because b) they never left her account.

I really want to believe that people are logical and rational. I really really do. But this job man. It diminishes call after call. Why are customers so stupid?

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