Is this the customer loyalty department?

No, this is Patrick…?…!….?!…!

Oh Sales, you’re climbing up the ladder of which department I’m starting to loath the most~

Well, this happened. Earlier about half way into my shift I get a transfer request call. Or so I thought! Caller ID displayed the Telesales number with the call type of AOL. For those not in the know, that’s assumption of liability.

It’s not unusual to get a call from Sales for this call type because customers get transferred there by mistake all the time when they wanted an existing line instead of a new phone line. “I want to add a line” confuses Care so I can’t blame them.

I do my usual greeting expecting a typical call. And what I got was a 2 for 1 donkey show. Let’s see…caller ID shown number for Telesales, where the customers number would be shows our 800 customer service number and the guy sounded confused AF. Basically this means this guy called Care, then transferred to Sales…then cold transferred to Transfer Your Service because reasons..?

Uh, this department is for moving numbers between our company and NOT in any form have anything to do with a customer talking moving to another carrier. We do have a customer loyalty team and this is not it! WTF r u doin? I talk to the customer more and after I explained all this, he starts getting mad swearing saying why we’re shit. Well damn, if I were him I’d feel the exact same.

Thanks again for raising your rank with me up the shitlist, Sales! 👌

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