I need a quote NOW!!!

I used to work for an insurance company as an agent. Part of my job was quoting clients and in order to get an accurate insurance price I needed the clients information such as dates of birth(younger drivers are more expensive) the types of cars(if you have a 2018 Bugatti vs a 2018 Honda Civic), where you live(if you live in an area that gets lots of car jackings or maybe you aren’t close to a fire dept in case of a fire), drivers license(if you have a ton of accidents we can’t insure you as easily) etc. Prices are typically dependent on the info you give us and if you give us more info we get a more accurate rate. Anyway here comes Mr.Prick(mp) and I’ll be obviously me lol

Me: (Insurance company) pugmommy420 speaking how can I help you?

MP: I need a home and auto quote NOW.

Me: Okay may I ask for a bit of info before we get started?

MP: ….

Me: um… hello?…

MP: what do you need??

Me: I need your first and last name, a good contact number in case the call drops, and….

MP: First and last name and I’m not giving you any more. I don’t want you spamming me…

Me: okay what about an email?

MP: no. Didn’t you hear what I said about spamming?

Me: Okay well just in case you can call me back if the call drops. Anyway I also need your birthday, address, who are the drivers and the VIN for the vehicles. I also…

MP: I’m not giving you any of that information I need a quote NOW.

Me: well MP I need this information to quote you. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda (Goes into why we need the info and that we are only using it for a quote)

MP: I DONT CARE! I NEED a quote and you don’t need any of that information. How come (lizard insurance) can give me a quote without any of that information???

(NOTE: usually those quotes you get from random insurance companies in the mail will give you some BS number to reel you in. They give you that “rate” but only in like the ideal world. Even people who are great clients still don’t get those rates as they’re used to bring people in)

Me: oh well MP, they basically do a ballpark and…

MP: I don’t care! Give me my quote.

Me: -.- (sigh) okay MP since you want a quote it will cost you 6,000$ for a 6 mo policy on the auto which would be $1000 mo. And as for your home it would be 12,000

MP: what??!?? Are you people NUTS? You insurance companies are a bunch of scam artists blah blah blah goes into a tirade about how insurance companies suck and how we’re trying to rip him off and he demands a copy of the quote.

Me: MP I don’t have a copy of the quote. You said to give you an idea of the rate and that’s it. If I don’t have accurate numbers I don’t know how much you’ll need to pay. If you want once you actually need the quote you can give me a call and I’ll need the information requested.


This prick then has the audacity to call back 20 min later and gave my boss the same shit and complain. My boss told him to basically fuck off or give us the info. Finally after like 20 min the prick gave us like half the info needed and I was able to look up the rest.

Also thankfully the asshole tried it with my boss so he was just as annoyed as I was and I didn’t get in trouble.

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