Hurricane Stories: Hurricane Charley

Many moons ago i worked at an insurance claims call center.

After Hurricane Charley, we went into disaster mode and handled insurance claims for hurricane damage for various insurance companies. this would consist of getting the claim set up in the system, getting a description of the damage, and assigning an adjuster to the policy holder.

In dealing with these types of claims you had to remain neutral but sow apathy for the situation they are in.

Ill give you 2 calls i had back to back.

Call #1 Cast – ME: Yours truly PH: Policy Holder

ring ME: Thank you for calling (deleted) insurance, are you reporting a hurricane claim?

PH: Yes, i am.

ME: Ok sir, may i have your policy number please? (i hear him outside walking around, chainsaws and other noise in the background)

PH gives me the information and i pull up his policy and start the claim. I ask all the standard information and he provides it. I think this is going to be a smooth claim until i ask…

ME: Ok sir, please describe the damage.

PH: I have no house.

ME: You have damage to your house? Is that correct?

PH: You can call it damage if you want, but i have no house. Physically. No house at all. Im currently standing on the slab where my house USED to be. (he lets out a chuckle).

i should point out at no time was he yelling, aggravated, demanding, or in any way upset. He was very polite.

ME: Oh…well…wow. Ok, Its safe to then assume there is a total loss.

  • I hear him pick something up and hear a metallic POP like a tin door opening *

PH: Well, all be dammed! May not be a total loss after all…i found my mailbox…with mail still in it! (he laughs a genuine laugh)

ME: well that’s a good thing. So i have your claim made and ive issued it to an adjuster, they will contact you in 24 to 48 business hours. Here is your claim number.

PH: Thank you very much. This went better than i expected. (he exits the line)

Call #2

Now i tell you that story to make this next call stand out. This was the very next call i got after i hung up.

ME: still yours truly AH: for Asshat


ME: Thank you for calling (deleted) insurance…


ME: Im sorry your upset. Have you filed a claim already?


ME: Yes sir. May i have your policy number please?

Asshat gives me the number and i get the claim started and i get to where i ask them to describe the damage.

ME: Ok sir, can you describe the damage please?

AH: I have a ripped screen on my pool cage.

ME: Just one rip on one screen, is that correct sir?

AH: Yes that is correct! Now, get me a damn adjuster out here today!

ME: Sir, i can only say an adjuster will contact you withing 24 to 48 business hours about your claim. They do take claims by priority.

AH: Get them out here TODAY or i swear ill have your ass!

ME: here is your claim number sir. An adjuster will contact you withing 24 to 48 business hours about your claim. Thank you for using (deleted) insurance. Have a wonderful day. click


Hurricane damage claims. one policy holder looses everything and is pleasant to deal with. Very next call the policy holder has extremely minor damage and demanded an adjuster today.

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