Have you ever wanted to slap a tween?

I used to work taking inbound calls for a bank.

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

SB: Spoiled Brat

After giving my standar greeting, asking the customer for his name and all the info I needed to look up his account.

Me: How may I help you Mr Customer?

C: So I have a question for you, is it possible to give a copy of my credit card to my underage daugther? she is 13.

Me: If you are the primary card holder and you want to add her as an authorize user, then yes, it is possible. Would you like to do that?

SB: Yes, he wants to give me a copy of his card. Didn’t you hear?

Me: Hello, my name is LadyNoir93, may I have your first and last name please?

SB: Why are you saying your name again? WTF!

Me: I need to introduce myself everytime someone new is on the line. May I have your first and last name please miss?

SB: You are so annoying. Anyway, my name is Spoiled Brat.

Me: Mr Customer, may you give me your permission to disclose your information with the third party on the line?

SB: I’m not a third party, I’m his daugther bitch!

C: I apologize. But yes. You can speak with her on the line too.

Me: Thank you sir. So you were going to add your daugther as an authorized used?

C: What is the difference between an authorized user and a primary card holder anyway?

Me: The authorized users have their own plastic and a credit limit within the primary’s credit limit. However, the primary card holder is still the only responsible of the account. All the information on this account is reported to the credit bureaus only under the primary’s name. And the primary card holder is the only one that can make changes on the account.

SB: So I’ll be some lesser user? I don’t want that! I want to be a primary too!

C: Is that possible?

Me: Sadly sir, we are unable to add another primary card holder.

SB: Don’t lie to me. I know mom and dad have a card where they are both equals. But I cannot be equal to my dad, that’s bullshit.

Me: It is possible to have joint accounts, but you cannot add another primary to an already existent account. You can either combine two existent accounts or apply for a brand new joint account.

SB: I want to do that!

C: Can we do that?

SB: Yes we can. You and mom have one, why can’t we have one?

Me: I can connect you to our application center, but since your daugther is underage I don’t think you can get approved for…

SB: Stop talking! Just stop talking and transfer us to the application center.

Me: Sir?

C: Just transfer the call please, we’ll try.

*I tranfered the call*

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