Free Car or Die!!

Ok that’s a bit dramatic…. I have worked in a contact center for a luxury automotive brand that runs circles around the competition. In my role, the vast majority of the contact to which I respond is in writing. Yesterday, I received a message that is pretty standard:

Dear Circles Brand,

I have won your contest, and I want you to give me a lesser value vehicle and the rest in cash.


Regrettably Niave Idiot (RNI heretofore)

So I reply:

Dear RNI,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We at the Round Brand do not participate in these kinds of competitions or sweepstakes. This is from another source, and lacks authenticity. We’re sorry that you’ve encountered this and we wish you the best.



This morning, I received TWO responses from RNI.

First one says that she is contacting her attorney as this has caused her false hope, pain and suffering.

The second one says that she wants us to “compensating” her as our circular logo is included on the letter she received, and this caused her information to be breached and we have caused a lot of damage.

Some people’s kids, man!

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