The good calls that make the bad ones worth it.

Good morning. I work at a call center in North Carolina. We generally answer calls, Research the order that has been placed, And we resolve issues that come through. Typically, most calls are status checks.

“Hey, I’m looking for PO # XXXXXXXX, Could you look it up for me?” Stuff like this. No big deal.

Now we get bad calls, of course. Everyone that works call centers gets bad calls. I’m sure a few of you reading this have stories at the ready to tell everyone about a shitty caller who made your day terrible.


This is about a lady that called yesterday, looking to get a credit on returned product. Okay, That’s what I do. I’m Me. The Customer was named Kammie. Her actual name. Love her <3. But the name is important for the story. A little backstory on me. I just got steam after years of not having a computer good enough to play any game other than maybe undertale and some other retro 8-bit games. I got a new computer a few months ago, and I've been playing Fallout 4 in my free time. I like video games. Always have. So. Enter conversation with Kammie.

Me: Thank you for calling CompanyIWorkAt, This is SleeperNick, How can I help you?

Kammie: Hello! I would like to get a Credit for PO XXXXXXXX.

Me: Certainly! Give me one moment to put this in for you!

(These Credits usually take a few moments to put in and sometimes it can be awkward and silent on the phone. Not with me, I’m the master of talking when nobody else wants to)

Me: So, Is Kammie short for Camille?

(Me trying to segway this conversation into a League chat, Or atleast see if some other random people in the world play League of legends)

Kammie: No. It’s just Kammie! That’s what’s on my birth certificate!

Me: Oh Cool! Like the girl from Street Fighter?

Kammie: Yeah! Everyone always says that.

Me: I’m sure. Nerds and Video game culture are blooming Massively in this day

Kammie: Yeah. Me and my husband are in our 50s and we just started playing Fallout 4!

(No. Fucking. Way)


(Cue us rambling about everything we’ve learned about Fallout 4, And tips we’ve learned and building tips and where to get some hidden weapons that are pretty strong, etc)

The call ended up taking about 15 minutes. 3 of which was done working and 12 of which was spent legitimately enjoying talking to a customer. It’s customers like Kammie who make the job worth doing.

I hope everyone here has a Kammie of their own, And I hope you guys all have a Great day!

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