That one time I was accussed of trying to swindle the customer

I used to work inbound calls for a bank. Once a customer called because she had just made a payment for her overdue credit card and she wanted the card to be unblocked ASAP. Usually it takes a 1 business day for the card to be unblocked, but it can be unblock inmediatly if we verify the customers has enought funds to cover the payment in the checking/savings account they used. I explained this to her, and she was ok with it, so we dialed the other bank:

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

OBA: Other bank’s Agent.

OBA: Thank you for calling *Other Bank’s name*, this is OBA, how may I help you?

Me: Hi my name is LadyNoir93, from *My Bank’s name* and I’m calling to make a fund verification. I have our mutual customer on the line, her name is Mrs Customer.

*She proceed to ask the customer all the standar questions to get her account*

OBA: OK I got her account. May you repeat me what you need?

Me: A fund verification.

OBA: I don’t know what that is.

I found this odd because is a very common procedure.

Me: Basically Mrs Customer made a payment of $150 to *My Bank’s name* using a saving account from *Other’s bank name* I just need to know if there is enought funds in the account to cover the payment.

OBA: That’s not possible.

Me: What do you mean it’s not possible? It’s a standard procedure.

OBA: Why do you need this information?

Me: In order to unblock her credit card inmediatly I need to know if there is enough funds to cover the payment.

OBA: I cannot give you information on an account without the customer consent.

Me: I’m aware you need the customer’s consent. You are aware she is on the line with us, ask her for her consent.

OBA: Mrs Customer?

C: Yeah?

OBA: I’m going to be honest with you, I think you are being victim of a scam.

C: A scam?!

OBA: Yes, I mean why would a filipino** girl would need to know how much money there is in your account?

(Wow that wasn’t racist or anything).

C: Oh my god. I can’t believe this. What should I do?

Me: Mrs Customer, I think is appropiate to remind you this is an inbound call. I didn’t called you, you called our bank. And I want to remind OBA that I do not need to know how much money there is in the account, just if there is enought to cover a $150 payment.

OBA *ignoring what I just said*: I would advice you to disconnect her from the call, then I’ll help you.

*Call disconnected*

**Fun fact: I’m not filipino, I’m Nicaraguan.

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