“She’s having an affair with my husband”

Throwaway account, on mobile.

I work for a MLM company in the call center, mainly fixing issues, sending out missing products, answering questions, you get it.

Part of being an MLM is that we have Trees, which is a descending list of people and the people they’ve enrolled, we call the directions on this Uplines and Downlines.

Alright, onto the story.

Customer calls in Me: blah blah blah, how can I help you? Customer: hi, I need to move onto someone else’s down line.

Now, this is a pretty weird process I barely know anything about, but we have a separate team for this. The procedure is to just give them the email and have them send it to them. So I told her this.

Me: I would love to help with that! We actually have a team dedicated to seeing if it’s possible to move you onto someone else’s team, their email is (insert email here)…. And then I told her the details she would need to send

Me: and just so you know, there usually is a rule when it comes to moving teams that you’ll need to have your account go inactive for (certain period of time). Customer: YOU JUST WANT ME TO LOSE MY COMMISSION

Woah. It took me about ten minutes to calm her back down, and assure her that I’m definitely on her side with this.

Customer: but why can’t we do it right now Me: I don’t really have the authority to do that, I wouldn’t even know how to do it either Customer: but I need to get off this team! Me: I understand, I’m more than happy to send them an email and open a ticket for you to speed it up for you. Customer: BUT MY UPLINE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH MY HUSBAND AND I DONT WANT HER TO EARN MONEY OFF ME ANYMORE

Jesus Christ what am I doing here.

I ended up having to escalate the call because she wouldn’t not calm down. But I’ve never had a complete stranger share details about their life with me like that.

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