Nosy Third Party

I work in Loan Processing for a company which does online lending. I call out if there’s an update on a loan status, documents required or received incorrectly, etc.

I get to be pretty brief on the phone and if I can’t get a hold of a customer, I shoot out an email and move on. For customer privacy, we only provide our first names and company initials until we verify we’re speaking to the account holder. If a third party picks up the phone, I’ll just ask to leave a message or end the call.

I’d also like to preface with the fact that I am extremely perky on the phone, even if I’m not feeling it. All my QA’s notate that my voice and tone is particularly pleasant and upbeat. So I never sound mean.

Today, I got a lady who answered the phone for a male customer.

Me: me CL: crazy lady XYZ: company initials, changed

M: “Hello, may I speak to Greg Smith, please?”

CL: “Can I ask who’s calling?”

M: “Sure! My name is humandrake, I’m calling with XYZ. Is Greg Smith available?”

CL: “XYZ? What is that?”

“I do apologize, ma’am, but the call is in regards to a private business matter. Is Greg Smith available? Or would you take a message?”

CL: “No, nun uh. Now this isn’t proper phone etiquette. You should tell me who you are calling my phone.”

M: “Ma’am, again, I do apologize but I’m not able to disclose any further information.”

CL: “No now that’s not right. You need to go back and be trained for better customer service. You gotta tell me who you’re calling for? What is it? You can’t just call my phone and expect me not to ask who’s calling.”

M: “If we have the wrong number listed, I can certainly remove it.”

CL: “No, now I didn’t say that. I’m not gonna tell you if Greg is here or not, if this is his number still. Who are you? I get that you’re a girl, talking nice but what’s your name again?”

M: “Humandrake.”

CL: “And what about your last name? This isn’t right. This isn’t good customer service.”

M: “I won’t be giving that out, sorry.”

CL: “And now you won’t even tell me your last name? Nun uh, I want to speak to your manager right now.”

M: “Ma’am, if you’re not able to take a message for me then I will just need to disconnect this call. I apologize but you have a lovely day. “

CL: “How?! How can I when you won’t tell me where you’re from?! I want to speak to your manager!”

M: “No ma’am. At this point I will be forced to disconnect the call. Thank you again and have a great day!”

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