"I want you improve my credit score"

I used to work taking inbound calls for a bank.

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

Me: Thank you for calling *banks name* , My name is LadyNoir93, may I have your first and last name please?

C: Hi my name is Mrs Customer.

Me: Hello Mrs Customer, how can I help you?

C: I want you to improve my credit score. I want to buy a house and i can’t with my current credit score.

Me: I understand Mrs Customer but we cannot alter your credit score. As your bank we report all your credit information to the credit bureaus two days after your cycle ends and then…

C: Don’t give me excuses. Just increase my credit score.

Me: Mrs Customer, I’m unable to modify your credit score. We report all your information to the credit bureaus. If you need further information you can always contact them.

C: I won’t call them. In fact I won’t disconnect the call until you improve my credit score.

Me: It’s going to be a long call, I’m unable to do it.

C: It’s your fucking job. Do your fucking!

Me: Actually it’s not. Improving your credit score is YOUR job.

C: I want to speak with your manager. I’m going to get you fired.

Then she proceed to try to convince my manager to get me fired right away.

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