“But sir, I am technical support”

A user called in today about a pretty common issue with files not pulling into our website once they attempt to send them over to it. Now, this person had already emailed in regarding the issue, and I myself had advised them to call in, because I knew we’d need to remote in to fix the problem.

(We’re an inbound call center and try limiting outbound calls as much as possible unless it is a special internal request, and because usually the customers never answer when we try calling them.)

Anyways, since we aren’t a very large center either, rather a dept at our company HQ, I often handle chats and emails, along with calls. So getting a call in and then an email from the same user, or someone who chats in and sends an email as well, is something I see often.

We also handle everything from technical issues to education issues on how to properly use the programs, so most of us reps are cross-trained in 10+ applications and can use them fluently for the most part.

Me: “Customer Support this is X.”

User: “Hi, I was emailing your support team and they told me I needed to call in so you need to get me over to technical support because you probably can’t help me.”

Me: “Hi were you emailing in about files not coming to the website like they were supposed to?”

User: “Yes I was, can you get me over to the team who can fix this for me?”

Me: “Sir, I am the technical support and I’ll be glad to fix this for you!”

The user was a little quiet for a moment when he realized that I could indeed help him, but he was then pleasant for the rest of the call and had one of the easiest issues I’ve had to fix in awhile.

Girl power, I guess?


User assumed I couldn’t help because I was a female, even though I corresponded via email with him and told him to call in so we could resolve the issue for him by remoting in, since we couldn’t walk him through it via email.

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