First week on the job.

I had a man call in the week I hit the floor. After my greeting he said, “I’m gonna give you my fckng account number and you’re gonna tell me what the fck I want to know.”

He rambled out an account number along with other information. The account number came up “no account found” so I knew I was screwed.

He rambled for a few minutes and I advise him I have to transfer him for assistance. He then proceeded to accuse me of lying to him because I answered as if I worked at the place he wanted to contact directly.

He did not want to be transferred and kept insisting on me explaining why I lied to him. Lol.

I offered multiple times to get him to who he needed to walk to and he continued to ask why I lied to him.

He also accused me of being in my pajamas working from home.

He pushed my final button when he said, “how am I supposed to believe a word that comes out of your filthy whore mouth.”

By the end of the call he disconnected and got no assistance on his made up issue. 

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