"I’d like to put a ring on your finger"

Now here’s a guy who was really damn lucky that I was contractually obligated to be nice to him. In case you guys don’t recognize me I worked in credit card activations/insurance sales, also for context reasons you need to know that I’m a woman.

Me: Hi thank you for calling (bank name) this is (my name) speaking. How can I help you?

Client: (clearly drunk off his ass) Hello there sweet thing can you activate my credit card for me?

Me: Sure, can I get your card number please?

Client slurred out his card number so bad that I had to ask him for it a couple of times. We got through it eventually and next comes the security questions. Every time I asked a question he replied with a compliment and then the answer, example:

Me: can you tell me your mailing address?

Client: sure my darling it’s (answer)

These compliments got increasing sexual as we went on. He started small, with darling/honey but then transitioned to beautiful/sexy. I’m growing increasing uncomfortable and really want to tell this guy to knock it off, but I was afraid of getting written up so I just took deep breaths and ignored this guy’s creepy comments. Now after activating this guy’s card I was supposed to offer him the optional insurance plan that comes with it, but honestly I just wanted to get this guy off the phone so I didn’t. Plus the insurance company would have definitely frowned upon me selling to this guy while he was intoxicated probably a good thing I didn’t.

Me: OK (client’s name) your credit card is now activated, is there anything else you’d like to care of?

Client: yeah sexy, I’d like to chat with you some. You’ve been amazing you beautiful thing, I’d like to put a ring on your finger. I’ve got a full pack of beer here and it would be a shame to drink it alone. Whatda say?

Me: Umm, no thanks (speaking fast) remember to sign the back of your card and distroy your old card, thank you for choosing (bank name) and have a nice day. Click

Yeah I hung up on him. I just couldn’t take it anymore, this guy was so out of it that I’m pretty sure I could smell the beer stench coming off him dispite him bring across the country from me. A manager actually did come up to me and ask why I hung up on a client, I explained and he pulled up the call to listen to it. Long story short I was not punished for hanging up.

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