I kind of tricked a customer into verifying their info

I was just reading through this sub and I’m constantly reminded of my time as an escalations rep for a particular health insurance company. Boy I’ve got some good stories, but for now this one in particularly is in my head.

I was transferred an escalation for a customer who refused to verify HIPAA. As a Health Insurance company, this was obviously a huge deal!

To be compliant, the customer needed to verify their Phone #, Name, and DoB.

This customer was more than happy to provide the previous rep with his Date of Birth and phone number, but refused to verify his name, eventually asking for a supervisor. *Enter Me*

Me: Hello, this is Hawwk, I’m a supervisor with XXXX Insurance, how can I help you today sir.
Cx: Yes, I’d like to *blah blah blah* (can’t remember exactly what he needed, it was a long time ago) and your representative was being very unhelpful.
Me: *Obligatory “I’m sorry for the inconvenience statement”* and I’ll be more than happy to help with that, but first, for the protection of your information, I need to ask you to verify your Name, Phone number, and DoB.
Cx: “*Phone #, DoB*”
Me: “And your name sir?”
Cx: Why do you people keep asking for my name? You have my Phone # and my DoB, you should be able to see me in your system by now!
Me: Yes, I do see your name on my end, but in order to verify your identity, I need you to confirm it.
Cx: Well, I don’t feel the need to verify it when you have it there in front of you. Are you going to help me or not?

Now, his issue was easy to fix, and I knew it could be done within a few moments. I was having a decent day, so I tried an alternative method. (name obviously changed for privacy)

Me: Okay sir, in that case I have your name as “Jimothy Antwhite”. Is that correct?
Cx: No, that’s not my name! My name is Timothy Antwhistle!
Me: Thank you for confirming your identity sir, now I can help you with your issue.
Cx: …

The few seconds of silence that followed where it took him a second to realize what I did was fantastic, and it was less than a minute before I had him off the line.

TL;DR Patient wouldn’t verify his name, so I read back a slightly incorrect name on file and tricked him into correcting me.

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