Retail revenge on skinny Queen B

I work in a call center for a clothing retailer. There is a ladies’ cotton dress that lots of women order from us year after year, and which sells out early in the season. Leftover inventory at the end of the season is deeply discounted and usually consists of hard-to-find sizes and includes last year’s colors.

My skinny Queen B customer called yesterday asking about the dress. She was one of those rude people who calls from the car and leaves the phone on speaker in the passenger seat so you can barely hear them, and who interrupts you every time you open your mouth.

In between interruptions I manage to let her know that this year’s colors are earthy with some pastels thrown in. She spends a few minutes whining about this year’s colors and then asks about one of last year’s leftover colors — a jewel tone. I tell her that we do have her size (00) in that color. She asks, “Well how many do you have?” We’re not supposed to tell people the exact number, but she kept hammering me with the question, and so I told her: One. We have one. (True.) And it’s on sale for half price. She still hemmed and hawed. I start knitting as she mutters to herself and just let her trail off. Then she says, “Well, I’ll have to call you back. I’m in the car and I have a 20% off coupon at home.” At which time I advise her that if she buys the dress now, she can still call us when she gets home and we can give her a credit for the 20% off retroactively. That way she can be sure not to miss out on this, the last dress in the color she wants. She said no, implied that I was trying to cheat her in some way, then hung up abruptly.

Guys, I was honestly trying to save this “lady” a buck, and she was so rude!

So the minute I got off work, I went online and bought that last jewel-toned dress in Size 00.

I’m a Size 16 and don’t even know anyone that skinny. But Queen B can go hang.

Guess I’ll x-post at r/pettyrevenge

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