“Well That’s Polite!”

I work for a hospital billing department. We answer calls for about 30 hospitals, ranging an average of 1500 calls a day with maaayyybe 10 reps on staff at time, lately its been closer to 6 or 7.

Our greeting does not have the word “Hello” in it.
After being there a year, obviously the greeting happens automatically.

So the women’s instant response to my greeting is “I have been on hold for 10 minutes and I am very upset that when someone does answer the phone, they dont even say hello they just ask me for my information but whatever fine.” And then gave me her account number.

So of course, another automatic question is their HIPPA verifyers. So of course I asked to move the call along and she asked to speak to a manager because she felt she shouldn’t have to give information in order to speak on her own account.

Now, our managers take calls just like we do, so getting transferred is nearly impossible, and you will most likely get a “Send them to my voicemail” response from them because they are on their own calls too and cant leave them.

So she did, and she didnt want to leave a voicemail, she asked to speak to someone, anyone who isnt me because I “Wasn’t doing it for her”.

Thats cool. Doesnt bother me none. Just hurts my feelings is all.

So I said “Of course M’am, let me put you back in the queue so you can get routed to another rep.”

She responds with “Well that’s polite!” and hangs up.

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