Newbie to the CC

Being in a call center so far, is an experience like none other. good and bad. having a warehouse and just general labor background, with just little education (HS diploma, some college) I did not think i would get the job, let alone an invite for interview.

a months in one of the CC companies, and i must say, I enjoy working inside, not opening boxes, stocking shelves, being a lackey (not saying it’s not possible to go back to that). But something about having a work station, office chair, and working inside when the weather is complete crap outside is a beautiful feeling. Seriously. And I am not even started with the company perks.

Enough of that, Lets get it on. Accepting my first call I did my best to be confident (pokes chest out), memorize my script, and go with the flow, all while not thinking about Wolf of Wall Street or The Office in the back of my mind. Well too late, the customer wanted something we did not handle and I lost my composure. I beat myself up for days, especially when the department began explain things like average handle time to us which made me panic even more. After a while I got it down smooth, down pack. Today, we handle customer payment’s, unrecognized charges along with a few other tasks.

Now, on to the customer service. Never, in my life had i think people could be so discriminatory. Being of color, I am pretty sure it passes through the phone. The first time a customer joked she was glad an American had gotten the line, I was honestly shocked to say. Then it happened again, and again here and there. They come off as jokes, but most people really mean it! Some, one in particular really got to me because she joked about how people from India have “different” names and she began to mock it. As nice as she was at the beginning of the call, she hit me for an entire 360. I just kept my end greeting going and hung up.

Time to time I get an occasional cuss out or smart mouth customer either because 1. they came through the line that way or 2. my inexperience begins to show. Half of the no 2. customers are complain over something less than ten dollars anyway 🙂

Thank you for reading my small vent about my intro to customer service life. Any tips, tricks please comment on how to survive !

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