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I work for an accountant care team. I help accountants with tech support. I am NOT an accountant by any means. I help them with navigating the product and passwords resets, etc. I got a call one day from a small business owner who most likely thought this was a line where you speak with accountants. I had to take the call because I’m trained in the small business department as well.

I was on the phone with this lady who repeatedly asked me accounting questions. Every time she would ask an accounting question (ex: what account should I put this in?), I would tell her that I’m not an accountant and that she would have to speak with one to have her questions answered. I was on the phone with this lady for FOUR HOURS. I was exhausted because the call was going nowhere. In the last hour of speaking with her, something like this happened.

Me: Ma’am, like I have said several times before, these are accounting questions. I’m not an accountant and I don’t feel comfortable assisting you with this.

Customer: This isn’t an accounting question. I’m just asking you where this is supposed to go.

Me: I’m sorry, you’ll have to contact your accountant for that.

Customer: But that costs money.

Tough shit.

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  1. Oh yes those were the days. I was trained in accounting so I did give that advice under the guise of showing people how to enter things. At one point I spent an hour doing their bookkeeping because I was bored and books was fun for me

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