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I volunteer at a helpline for youth. We provide anonymous peer support, and while we have training, we aren’t professional counselors. The idea is that callers can talk to someone with similar life experiences, in a similar age range.

The line is sex-positive, and we often get calls about sex & sexuality (especially since we specifically serve youth.) However, we also get fantasy calls from people who get off on talking to us about sex. Those calls are totally inappropriate, and are often coming from older men who are fully aware that they may be talking to a minor.

Years ago, I had just finished my training, and had been in the call room for a couple shifts but hadn’t answered any calls yet. This was probably my third shift, and when the phone rang, I was the only one available. I had to take a real call at some point, and this seemed like as good a time as any, so I answered the phone.

The caller had some concerns about sex. A few minutes into the call, I could hear a muffled thumping sound in the background. When I heard a small moan, I realized he was masturbating. “Can I put you on hold?” I said, and didn’t wait for an answer. I was starting to panic, but to my relief, the caller hung up. I guess being on hold wasn’t really what he was looking for.

I volunteered for a while, but left when I got sick. However, I really missed the line, and a few years later I was finally well enough to return. I answered my first call in years, and it’s an older man claiming to be a teen, telling me a story about recently losing his virginity to his mom. Yep, it was another fantasy call – I actually recognized the voice (and the general theme) from years ago. Rather than feeling panicked, I actually felt really confident. I told him he was misusing the helpline and sexually harassing me. He begged me to keep talking, so I said “nope” and hung up.

So somehow both my first calls were fantasy calls (they’re common, but not that common.) However, I think my technique improved…

Those of you at business-type, incoming call centres – do you ever get sex callers? I imagine it’s more common if the line expects you to be talking about your life, rather than a product or service, but I’m curious.

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