Maybe don’t spend your rent money in the first place?

I used to work as a SUP in a call center for rewards program, the kind where you earn points by making purchases that you can use to pay for future purchases. I got an escalated call transferred to me one evening.

The caller wanted to return some items for a refund because she needed the cash back for her rent. Problem was, she earned a LOT of points on that purchase and had spent those points already. Our rules were, in a situation like that, is your cash refund would be reduced for the value of the points you had spent.

(Believe me this simple concept was very difficult for some people to grasp and caused many an escalated call. I once had a lady demand I send her 15 cents in the mail because that 15 cents was not refunded to her credit card after a return she did and had already redeemed that 15 cents in points on a different purchase. I had to explain several times that I did not have access to her credit card account and could not add any credit to it but I gave her a dollar in points instead. No, she wanted her 15 cents sent directly to her. Ended up having to send her to my direct SUP. Two for one story. LOL)

I explained this is what would happen if she returned those items from her first purchase. However, IF she would return the items she purchased with the points first so they were all returned to her point balace, she would receive her full cash refund because the points could then just be subtracted from her balance instead of her refund.


Took almost an hour to explain that she couldn’t keep the items that she got for free AND get her cash back.

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