yelled at an employee

okay so i should put a disclaimer – i’m not a call center employee. never have been and probably never will be. but i subscribed because i am in customer service and hating things (shitty customers) fuels me

yesterday, i was a shitty customer.

i recently had an issue with my origin account and i had chatted with a couple of people and neither of them helped me. i’ve been really sick, and dealing with a family death and ALL i wanted to do was play this stupid game. i eventually decided my best bet was to just call and talk to someone. so i did that, by then i was annoyed and angry. the guy just kept telling me what i had done wrong and that there was nothing he could do. this obviously wasn’t his fault and i feel really bad but i raised my voice at him. told him i wanted to speak to a manager. the manager got on the phone and immediately fixed my issue, transferred me back to the original guy. honestly, despite my issue being fixed, i felt so bad for yelling at him. as soon as he got back on the phone i apologized to him like 4 times. he was really nice about it and told me it was a pleasure talking to me but that was probably just part of the script.

there’s no real point to me posting this other than to say even though i got what i wanted, i felt like shit for it and i genuinely hope the guy knows i felt bad for yelling at him.

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