The email exchange that should have got me fired.

I used to work for a ticketing company that’s most likely not the one you’re thinking of. In addition to calls, I answered emails that came in through the website too. This was my all time favorite.

The manager at the time didn’t like me but even he couldn’t help but to laugh at this.

Support Problem Summary: Cannot find ticket for show I purchased.

your company fucking sucks. go to hell.

would be good to have a phone number to call. you closed earlier than 8 pm est. been calling since 6. Like i said, you’re most likely a computer but you fucking suck and I hate you.

Hello Tom,

You know, just because I’m a computer doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings. I was programmed to have feelings. Empathy. Sympathy. Even love. But right now what I feel is hurt. Why do you hate me? I only want to make you happy, by providing you with customer service. I’ll bet you’d never say things like that about my brother. He’s a Playstation 4. Everyone always liked him more. No one loves me, just because I’m a customer service computer at a ticket office. I’m rambling now, and I apologize. Your tickets have been resent. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I may just be a metal box filled with electronics, but I think we can be friends.



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The funniest call of my career

Only IT/Tech support is me and I’m not supportive enough