my furniture is in pieces !

Some years ago, I use to work for a Swedish furniture company that’s is famous for selling everything on a “build it yourself” form.

The job there was mostly cool, nice coworkers and management, nice customers etc. But I do remember one funny call with a couple of aggressive clients.

ME :would be me AC : agressive couple

ME : company name customer service center, me, hello! How may I help you?

AC : we just receive our order, a table and some chair, and the delivery man leave everything in the box and told us to build it ourselves! That’s unacceptable!

ME : can you gave me your order number? I will see what happens and find a solution.

At this point, I thought that they order delivery + built in service, which we provide if people need it. By looking at the order I couldn’t see any built order linked to the delivery. I did some research with name and address to find an “unlinked” order, still nothing.

ME : I can’t find any built order at your name, maybe it was an other name? Was it order at the same address?

AC : What is a built order? I don’t want that! I saw the furniture in store, not some pack. I want the same at my place! I don’t want to do it myself!

ME : Well, our store only sell the package but you have to built the furniture yourself. We have several sign all around the shop to remembered it and propose an built service.

AC : we are not stupid, we are doctors! don’t you think we would know if that was true??!! We want our furniture as they were in the store and we don’t want to pay anything for it!

At this point, I just knew what happened. They obviously, didn’t knew (who don’t?!) that they will have to do it themselves and their pride were too high to admit their own error. The call continues for a will until I made them admit their mistake by telling them that their options were “built the furniture by themselves, it’s very easy, especially if you are a doctor”, “order a built service” and “oh, you want to cancel the order? Obviously, when should we pick up everything?”. (I was a sarcasm master when working their with the client who deserve it).

I don’t remember what options they pick, but all the service laugh about it for a while. It’s okay to don’t know everything, but it was just in front of their eyes the all time (we sell the service, so, you can imagine how many sign there is…) and the brand is famous mostly because of that… But you know, they are doctor!

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