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Sharing another greatest hit. I worked at a third party call center with multiple clients through my teens and 20s.

A now bankrupt retail store charged $25 late fees on their credit card. We were able to refund one payment per account.

Reps would have to escalate if someone already had a refund and dropped those magic words.

I only took escalated calls.

Late Larry: These $25 late fees aren’t fair to me because in my financial situation they’re like $75 to me.

Me: No problem, I can refund $8 and it will be like $25 to you.

LL: [Sputtering Rage]

Me: Full refunds are issued once per account, you were already issued two, as a final courtesy, I will issue an $8 credit, we can change your billing date to a more convenient one, but beyond those resolutions is there anything else I can assist you with?

LL: I’ll take the credit. [Hung up]

God I loved released calls. No closing for me saved AHT, overly short calls reduce chance of a QA on those snarky ones.

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