Little things can make someone’s day

I have sat in the hot seat, I’ve taken the calls and dealt with all of the customers out there. I don’t miss it, but I can appreciate everything that is involved and I am ultimately grateful for the insight that I do have.

Our system at $bigbeveragecorp would pull up accounts based on phone numbers. If a customer called from a number that was listed on the account, it would populate on our screen before they connected. This gave us the time to run our spiel welcome message while we looked over the account notes.

My favorite call was a manager at a popular sandwich shop, with notes about how he doesn’t want readbacks or verifications. I’m 4 seconds into the call and he confirms who he is, and he wants an order, no readback. Cool, I like simple. I’m already pulling up the order form as he is spouting off what he wants, my fingers dancing on the num pad like a tango. I read back the total and wish him a good day and he pauses “wow, you’re good”

37-second call? Damn straight “I aim to please”

Fast forward to this past week. I was having a shit day. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. My new computer component was DoA and I was furious, and that was just one tiny thing on the list of crap that didn’t go my way. Boo Hoo. First world problems.

Whatever. I get a return set up with the online retailer I have been working with for the better part of a decade, get everything packaged to send it off. In my anger and haste, I forget to get a shipping label. I find this out when I slide the box to the attendant at the delivery office.

I am mad at myself, I am mad at the company, I am mad at the computer part. I call the company and wait on hold and in that time I go run my other errands. Hold is taking forever which is perfect for letting me cool off a bit/realize that I am an idiot, so I run into the bank. Of course, as soon as I say hi to the teller, I get a hello from her, and a hello from a lady in my earbud. I ask the voice inside my phone to hold on for a moment while I get my receipt. She said sure so I hit mute.

I jump back on as I am heading out of the bank, apologizing for the hold. She said no problem and confirms my account. I give necessary info and I mention the RMA. She tells me that she is already working to get me the shipping label I forgot to get. Oh? Cool, then that’s all I needed. Literally the least effort I have ever had in a phone call and it was over in less than 60 seconds.

You bet your bottom dollar she got the highest rating I could give.

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