I want you to deliver my oreo!!!

So this happened just a month ago but I was not the one who took the call. I’m a mentor and my agent was frustrated with this particular call because the caller wouldn’t let her go. They talked for over an hour about the same thing that we couldn’t do on our end. The caller just recently purchased an LG V30 and was calling because the os was not updated. The customer was yelling at my agent, calling us fraudsters for not delivering what we were supposed to deliver. He kept saying the same thing. ‘I want my oreo delivered to me today or I will cancel my service … yada yada yada’ My rep attempted to calm the caller down and offered a walkthrough because apparently he didn’t know how the phone works. The caller wouldn’t cooperate and started screaming at her. I was listening to the call and I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous it was. After an hour the caller threatened to sue the company and dropped the call. Hilarious.

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