I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Who My Company Supports

So I work for a major credit card company at a call center. I don’t know, or care, who, politically, my company supports. Somehow, our customers do, and I tell you, there’s no pleasing them, left or right.

I get a call this morning from some guy who says he wants to close his account and I ask him, politely, why, so I could annotate it in the account closure. He says he found out my company supports “the administration.” “As in the Trump administration?” “Yes.” This was news to me. But whatever, the guy wants to close his account, then that’s his prerogative.

A few hours go by and I get another phone call from someone on the opposite end of the political spectrum. One of our cards is being sold to another banking company. This card belongs to a store that’s known for outdoors equipment and hunting stuff. This guy’s a bit angry (he’s not yelling, but he’s got a tone) because said bank has announced publicly that they won’t fund the NRA or gun right’s groups, and because this bank is taking over the credit card for the hunting store, he wants to cancel his account.

I had a good laugh at that when I was done with him. Seems like no matter what a company does in public, someone on both sides of the political spectrum is going to be offended.

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