THEY think that THEY deserve a day off today.

Just after college, I worked for a small answering service. Mostly we took calls for this one vitamin company and PBS stations during pledge drives.

We also took calls for a cable company for their Cape Coral, FL location.

Most of the cable company calls happened on the weekends and holidays, and most of them were telling people that the reason they could only get channel 3 was because they left their VCR on.

On MLK day, this one little old lady called in to complain about her cable being out and how she can’t “watch her stories.”

I tried to be as sympathetic as I could as I took down her information, but just as I started to submit her information, she hit me with this:

“THEY think that THEY deserve a day off work today because it’s HIS day today, but they had better come fix my cable.”

I faked sympathy as long as it took to get her to hang up the phone and deleted her request.

Fuck that racist bitch.

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