I received your e-mails but i didin’t read them!

Welp…. I had this absolute gem this week…. still facedesking… i wonder if they’ll lend me the Hubble space telescope to help me find the logic in this one.

Right now i work for a company that allows customers to buy things from webshops, and they pay us the cash for it at a later date. The company is VERY lenient with the deadlines on which you have to pay before extra charges are slapped on for late payments. In essence you get a full 30 days before the first minor charge gets added to the bill. Then another 14 days before the 2nd charge gets added, and after another 14 days we’ll spend another 14 days trying to get you to pay before we hand it over to a debt collections agency.

Now here’s the thing with this one… In the Netherlands (not sure if it’s like this elsewhere) a company is not allowed to slap on an extra charge UNLESS the consumer has received a FREE reminder to pay after 14 days, then they are required to have another 14 days to pay before they get any sort of charge added.

Me shall be C, and the customer shall be W. (W for walnutbrain).

C: Good morning! My name is CheesyBitterball. What can i do for you?

W: Yeah hey, i’m calling about the extra surcharges on my bill! They’re unlawfull and you better remove them right this instant! (already slightly peefed with not getting his name or explaining about which bill this is)

C: Ah okay, good of you to call! Let’s see what i can find and possibly do about those, do you have your postalcode ‘n housenumber for me? Or perhaps the bill number?

W: *It was a bill for webshop xxxx! Just remove the charge already! You rip offs!”

C: I’ll see what i can do sir, but first i need at list some bit of info before i can even pull up your bill to see what’s going on.

W: -heavy sigh, -mumbles postal code causing me to have to ask him for it 3 more times Jesus, its xxxxxx you dumbfuck

C: M’kay…. thanks…. Welp i’ve got your bill pulled up right now. This was an order you placed with webshop xxx in January 2018, and we’re now April. We’ve sent you around 5 reminders, including an automated voicemail message but-

W: – cuts me off mid explanation with a stream of expletives and his tone gets more toxic ” Why didin’t you call me then?! You’re supposed to notify my that the bill was still open!”

C: Indeed, which we have sir, as you know we send our reminders by mail. Only before we send it to a debt collections agency you’ll get calls from us and letters sent to the address you gave up as the billing adress

W: -another swearword or two ” Are you stupid? The address is my work, i had my stuff delivered there! How was i supposed to know you idiot?! ”

C: Well we’re not able to read from a postal code if it’s your residence or not sir, besides that we sent 1 opening mail and 3 reminders to your personal e-mail address to inform you.

W: ” Well yeah i saw those but i didn’t read them because they were in my spam-box! That’s your fault! You should make sure your e-mails don’t end up in my spam-box! It’s not my responsibility ”

C: We have no control over that whatsoever sir and it’s your own responsibility to check your e-mails, whether they end up in your spam-box or not. Unfortunately i’m not able to credit these extra charges as they are completely logical.

W: -launches into a 7 minute rant where i just zone out ” I’m not going to pay these damn extra charges! Screw you! I’ll fucking get my lawyer to sue you and i’ll make you lose your job! ”

C: Well that’s fully within your right of course, I’ve explained that the charges will not be credited on the bill and that you have to pay them. Do you have any other questions for me?

W: click

Yeggh… I don’t quite understand how people can just forget paying a bill for something they bought over 3 months ago, and then try and find any possible excuse to not have to deal with the consequences. I’m gonna need more beer this weekend!

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