That’s an interesting choice of words

I moved off of the phones but am still inside the call center so i hope this counts. I work in a department with a shared email inbox and we respond to emails based on priority and what not. Anyways, sometimes things don’t go well for customers because we sell a commodity that’s only available in single quantities. You can buy two things from us that are only off by one thing but you’re still buying different things.

So in this case the customer bought the same thing as another customer and the other customer bought it first so they got it. We weren’t able to offer this customer an alternate thing because we were out of this particular thing.

Here’s his response in all of it’s glory. (names changed to protect the innocent)

Thank you for your response, person, sadly it is what I expected.

I suggest the owners of you company (not you, you are just the piano player) go to the nearest grocery store, procure a brown paper bag, cut holes in the area of the eyes and place the bag over their heads. It is one way to hide the shame.

I am hoping, for your sake that you will soon find employment with a company that has great character.

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