"I’ve received an email about an outage. Does that mean there’s actually an outage?"

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I haven’t posted here in quite awhile. Life happens. What happened tonight was so stupid that it must be posted. For those who don’t know, I work as a tier 2 rep for an ISP.

Essentially, there was a fairly small outage which took down a couple offices. It was escalated and I sent an email to everyone in our company:

Hello, there is an active investigation regarding a small outage at Office 1 and Office 2, please do not submit tickets for these offices.

I then receive the following reply from Moron:

Hi, u/devdevo1919. I just saw your email about an outage at Office 1 and Office 2. Does that mean there’s actually an outage?


Hi Moron. There is an outage, yes.

Internally: No, I just wanted to advise everyone of an outage because I get fun out of it. I find it entertaining. I’m sure our customers do too.

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