Insane Person 3

I work at a performing arts school and deal with insane people regularly, this isn’t the most insane but definitely out of touch with reality.

I am responsible for all payment-related duties, in this case I was making outbound calls for past due accounts.

I will be R, parent will be A.

R: Hello, is the the parent of Student Name?

A: Yes, who is this?

R: Hello Mr. A, I am R , calling from Performing Arts School, how are you doing today?

A: Okay… what is this call regarding?

R: I am calling you today as our records show that your account is currently past due

A: We don’t go there anymore

R: Yes, I understand that Student Name has already completed the classes but there is an outstanding balance due for the services provided

A: I can’t pay, I want to cancel

R: I’m sorry but you are unable to cancel after completion of the program

A: Why not?

R: …well, we have provided the services in full and per your contract, you are liable for the full balance.

A: But this is America

R: Yes… and you signed a legally binding contract and owe a balance for the services provided.

Hangs up

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Why do people think that holding us hostage on the phone will get their issue resolved faster?

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