I’m too stupid to build this shed, send someone to do it for free.

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I work in the customer service department of a company that makes tables, chairs, basketball hoops, kayaks and pretty much everything else under the sun. I help with people assembling their sheds and provide assistance and tips to make it easier for them. This happened Wednesday after a long day of angry customers. So this guy calls in to our queue at 4:59.99pm ( our lines shut off at 5 MST) because he was having difficulty putting his shed together.

I ask him what I can do to help and offer tips. He says he has tried just about everything and he can’t get the floor panels to go together (this is literally step 1). I offer to send a video to explain and he says “I’m not stupid, I know how things are supposed to go together”. Usually when people say this, we know that it’s going to be a rough call with a stubborn SoB. I offer to put him in touch with our installation department who would put him in touch with someone to pay to build it for him, but that they wouldn’t be able to get back in touch with him until the next day as they were gone already. He demands me to give him a quote of how much it will cost for people to come out and I tell him I don’t know (I had an idea of how much it would cost but we are told to never quote anyone as it leads to a lot of confusion and he said/she said. Any way, he gets mad and asks to speak to my supervisor, but they are all gone so I go find someone for this dunce to talk to. I find someone who will talk to him and I explain the situation and he just laughs. The guy is asking for 250-300$ installation on his shed that costs 350-400$ free because he is too stupid to put it together. My “supervisor” proceeds to tell him, that he should just return it if he is having trouble with it but that we can send him videos to help if he would like. The guy hangs up in a huff.

We sell unassembled sheds, so yes you do have to build it yourself.

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