" I’m on vacation right now! I can’t pay this bill before the deadline so i need a 2 week extension. "

Well boys and girls, here i am once again with another story! I shall keep it nice and short this time around without much detail on the background of my job.

Me: The cheesiest fried snack of the Netherlands, CheesyBitterBall. Customer: UL, short for unreasonable lady.

Me: Good morning! You’re speaking with CheesyBitterbal from company xxx, What can i do for you?

UL: Yeah hi, i’m calling to let you know that i know my bill is due in about 3 days. customer chuckles i’ve simply forgotten to pay it. You see i’m on vacation right now and i don’t have any option to pay it from where i am right now.

Me: Ehhh… Okay? So…. what would you like me to do for you then? (Mainly because i still don’t quite understand why she’s calling to just let us know)

UL: Well i’ll be returning in about 2 weeks so i’ll be able to pay the bill then. So i’m asking you to extend the deadline with 2 weeks to prevent any extra charges.

Me: Well i can’t do that sadly. You going on a vacation doesn’t exempt you from your financial responsibilities and this bill has been unpaid since March. You have 30 days to pay this bill before we add extra charges for not meeting the due date.

UL: Well i’ve been a longtime customer of your company and i’ve always paid on time! I don’t see why this is a problem at all?! I’m just simply asking your to give me an extension in paying so i don’t have to pay extra!

Me: Ma’am, as i’ve explained, we’ve already given you a full month to pay the bill and have sent you a reminder that you need to pay before xxxx date to avoid the extra charges. And again, you being on vacation does not validate as a legitimate reason of waiving those charges. It’s as simple as that. I won’t extend the date.

UL: Well this means i’ll never use your sevices ever again then! It’s as clear as the sky! You’re just being rude and unreasonable so there’s no reason to me ever using your services again!

  • Small sidenote, This is of course the wrong kind of tone to strike with me. I’ll be just as blunt as you are in the call and luckily my current company allows this kind of language.

Me: Well we’d be sad to lose you as a customer. But as i’ve explained i can’t fulfill your request due to the reasons i explained already. Anything else i can help you with?

UL: doubling down on her history with us and me being unreasonable for not extending her deadline with 2 weeks Fine i’ll never use you again then! Goodbye!

Some people… I personally am unable to understand this kind of reasoning….. How in the hell would you being on vacation exempt your from your financial responsibilities, and why would we be forced to just extend your deadline because you’ve used our services before? I mean…. You’ve used our services before so you damn well know that you have to pay before the deadline to avoid said charges…..

I’m going to need another drink this weekend to process this one!

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