I was mistaken…

First time poster, long time lurker. I love reading your guys’ tales while I’ at work.

So I work for a call center selling auto insurance. We get all kinds of people, usually people from…the lower bracket if you know what I mean. I have all kinds of stories, but this one just happened today.

So we’re going over her vehicle information. Me will be me and DL will be dumb lady.

Me: Ok and is your vehicle paid for or is it being financed right now?

DL: It’s being financed.

Me: Ok so we will have to add comprehension and collision coverages for your financed vehicle.

DL: Oh no, the car company says I don’t need it, I already have it through them. (Now, some dealerships do this for their customers, I guess so their customers can get cheaper insurance)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but us as an agency cannot sell an auto policy for financed vehicles without adding comprehensive and collision.

DL: But they said I don’t have to.

Me: Right, but unfortunately we do for all financed vehicles.

DL: Ok then the title is in my name.

Me: …I’m sorry?

DL: I own the car it’s not being financed.

Me: …Ma’am you just told me it was though.

DL: Ok I was mistaken.

At this point I had to tell her to wait while I put her on hold. I laugh to myself then tell my supervisor what she just told me. She laughs and goes “yeah… we can’t do that.” I told her I guess she forgot she was on a recorded line.

I take her off hold.

Me: Right ma’am so unfortunately I cannot do that.

DL: But they said I don’t need it (totally just disregarding her blatantly trying to lie to me earlier to get out of it).

Me: Right. But us as an agency cannot allow that.

DL: Fine whatever.

And she hung up. You gotta love those people who will do anything to get cheap shit, even if it means blatantly lying to someone after already telling the truth.

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