‘I think he’s reading this off a script’

Background- I had a call from an energy customer who wanted something we couldn’t do and it had gone up to the level where he would need to take it to an external agency (The Ombudsman). I’d been on the phone for an hour attempting to explain this to the customer (C)

Me: Mr xyz, you need to take this complaint to The Ombudsman. I can no longer assist you with this.

C: (and wife in background): I think he’s reading this off a script.

C: Awww bless him, look at him, aww he can read now! (as though talking about a newborn baby.)

C: You finish now at 5, don’t you? Well I’m keeping you on the phone for another hour or so?

Me: “Go ahead, I finish at 6 tonight.”

Has to have been the worst call I’ve ever put up with.

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I keep calling off

Why do people think that holding us hostage on the phone will get their issue resolved faster?