I keep calling off

I work at an inbound call center, we handle health insurance for different clients. I liked the job at first, but now, six months later, I can’t do it. The turnover rate is so high, and were all temporary contractors so each day you have anxiety that you’re going to get the dreaded call of doom. I also have CPTSD as well as issues with depression and anxiety (diagnosed bipolar but that’s another story), and each day sends me spiraling into an episode of either depression or rage. I always have nightmares and migraines, and for the past week I’ve been calling off. I think about five people, including a manager, quit this past week. I have one last rent payment due, so I need to make about 600 by the end of this month but I just can’t bring myself to go into work tomorrow

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I walked out!

‘I think he’s reading this off a script’