Good call last week

So I thought I would post about the call that made me cry last week. Caller shall be N.

Me: Welcome to blah, you are speaking with blah, how may I help

N: Oh my god I have been trying to get you guys for hours, I have a massive debt and I can’t afford it!!

Me: ok,we can definitely take a look at this and check out your options

(She sounded curt, rude and tbh made me think it wasn’t going to go well) I verified her, confirmed her debt at around $3000 and explained why she had it. The whole time she kept jumping in saying she can’t afford it etc (and I fricking hate being interrupted so my patience was wearing a little thin).

Me: ok, if we were to look at doing a payment plan – no matter what the figure is how much do you think you can pay and how often?

N: Nothing! I am broke!!

Me; Ok, you might qualify for relief. We need to go through some financial info such as expenses and income, are you happy to do this now?

N: ok……. (At this point i was thinking she hadn’t really understood what we were doing)

We went through what their family income was. When it got to expenses, she was telling me that they have a mortgage to pay, but her husband’s job is a two hour drive away (and work is pretty scarce in that part of the country) so they had to pay rent for him as well. He comes home weekends etc. They had a young baby as well. She told me about their credit card debt which was over $45000…. Our system does an average type thing of household expenses based on income, location etc. I put her on hold for a bit while i did my thing.

Me: Ok, based on all our info, I can write this off for you.

N: wait, what does that mean

Me: You don’t have to pay.

N: Are you fucking serious?!

Me: Yup

N then proceeded to lose her shit, sobbing and crying about how grateful she was etc (i legitimately had just followed protocol and it wasn’t my personal decision) Me: Don’t cry because you will make me cry!!

Both of us ended up tearful. Made me feel good to have what I thought was gonna be a shitty call turn out so good for the customer. Just felt the need to share guys 😀

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