Best buddies with the CEO and Head of HR…but doesn’t have their direct number

I think we have all had these calls at the some point! I work in the customer service department and these are very common:

Me: Hello how can I help? C: Yes I am from xxxx company, it’s in regards to your telephone contracts, please can I speak to (CEO)? Me: Are they expecting your call? C: ….Yes…. Me: Well unfortunately I can see he’s not in today. I can give you his email though and he can get back to you? C: No thanks – I need to speak with him directly- I’ll call back tomorrow.

No mofo, you are never going to get through to the CEO to sell him crap. Stop calling. The fact you didn’t have his direct dial or email says to me CEO does not know you.

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That’s a good question

I just had a call that has put me on the BRINK