“Are you f’ing stupid?!”

I work for a large apparel company. Took a call from a Canadian customer today who was an absolutely batshit crazy person with the worst anger issues I’ve ever encountered. Single worst customer I’ve spoken with in a while 22 year history of working retail/CS.

She proceeded to berate me for 12 minutes because she had a return that she was attempting to send back to us. She had already printed the return label and, basically, wanted the shipping company to pick it up. Our contract doesn’t cover pick ups. You have to drop it off. You know, like ALL return labels, basically. “I’m disabled and I’m in a home! Are you fucking stupid? I’m not going anywhere! They need to fucking pick it up!” I explained that the shipper may make an exception in her case and waive the fee, but she would need to take it up with them.

I spent 5 minutes asking her if she’d like the number to call the shipper. She kept telling me to “shut the fuck up and listen,” but then repeated to me that she “didn’t have a number to call the goddamned company!” Jesus Christ I hate this bitch.

I listened to this shit, repeating that I had the number for her, asking if she wanted to write it down (“I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PENCIL!””WHY isn’t it on the label?” – how the fuck do I know? The damned shipping company’s software generates the label. Take it up w/them!) before telling her three times that I would be disconnecting the call if she continued the profane language and general nastiness. On the third warning, she managed to get out, “I don’t give a fu…” before I hung up on her. First customer I’ve EVER disconnected.

I was literally shaking I was so angry at the end of the call. Thankfully I was due for a break and got a few deeps breaths to rid myself of her toxicity.

She called back, twice, and yelled at two other reps. They messaged me after and said she was the worst customer they’d ever dealt with and they were as pissed as me. She got transferred to a supe on the third call and the supe is convinced she had sort of dementia. I’m convinced she’s just a cunt. If someone has issues that bad, it’s time for them to have a handler. Keep her away from the phone!! She was pissed our CS center is located in the US and vowed never to shop our company again. GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE!

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