What a big difference 10 minutes can make

I had to break the bad news to a customer that he is not eligible for benefit due to his circumstances. There’s the usual tirade about how he has to provide for his girlfriend, soon-to-be born baby and other kids. (I wonder why they choose to have kids if they’re struggling financially, but I digress.)

He demands to speak to my supervisor, who told him the exact same thing that I did. However, his story changed. He broke up with his girlfriend since last week and they are planning to live separately. He will not be participating in parenting duties.

So my supervisor advised that he claimed a different benefit as a single person. When the phone call is over, I said “Well, that was a fast break up. Ten minutes ago, he told me something else.” My supervisor said “If he wants to dig his own grave and crawl into it, it’s his choice. If he gets caught and punished for benefit fraud, that’s his problem.”

I do feel bad for people who struggle financially, but some of their circumstances are the result of their personal choices. Why did they have 3 or 4 kids if you can’t afford to? Why did they turn up to work drunk, assault someone and end up getting fired? Why go on holiday when you’re broke and about to be homeless?

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